Kin Loves – Charlotte Linton

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If you are dreaming of travels and visiting some of the world’s best geographical wonders, look no further for your inspiration; Charlotte Linton’s scarves have all the best ideas. Charlotte studied Print at Central Saint Martin’s and then furthered her study at The Royal College of Art with a masters. She now lives and works between the UK and US. Charlotte has worked with Chloe, Hussein Chalyan, Marc Jacobs and Paul Smith to name a few! Her collections are all inspired by a fictional character called Ermantrude who travels the far and wide looking for the worlds fascinating animals, people and places. Focusing on the endangered and unknown, the scarves each tell a story, and are each beautifully hand drawn and hand painted. Each design is researched with such depth – explaining the nature and characteristics of each study. These are just a few of our favourites!


Kin Loves – Geo-Fleur

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Finally Spring seems to be creeping round the corner, albeit at a slow pace but its definitely happening! So to spur on the warm weather we are taking a closer look at Geo-Fleur this week – a London based succulent and cacti florist that encourage botanical styling for the urban home. Geo-Fleur was started up by Sophie Lee when she was commissioned by a friend to create all the flower (in this case plant) decorations at her wedding. From there she got hooked and things just kept rolling, more and more people were wanting flower-free weddings and terrariums. When Sophie got made redundant in May 2015, she decided to take Geo-Fleur to the next level and started a Kickstarter to help raise funds for a van that would transport the plants and materials. This raised more money than she was expecting and was able to really give the company a big boost! Floristy runs in the family’s blood – her mum is a florist and her uncle is a professional gardener, they were both encouraging Sophie’s passion from a young age.

Geo-Fleur create planters, terrariums, leather, brass and copper plant hangers, ceramic vessels plus more. They teach various different workshops around the UK and also offer a plant subscription service! Along side all this they also do larger commissions for wedding and restaurant decor using succulents and cacti, and living walls.

Sophie’s idea was to create an easily accessible online plant shop – no fuss, and it worked!


Kin Curates – National Plant a Flower Day

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Spring is just round the corner and March 12th is the day to rejoice by participating in National Plant a Flower Day! We appreciate that not everyone has the luxury of a garden so to celebrate we have brought the outside indoors by cultivating some of our favourite botanical themed goodies from around web:

1. Macramé Plant Hanger // Geo Fleur  £15
2. The Demijohn // London Terrariums £80
3. Cactus Garden Print // Lisa Rupp £23
4. Grand Morpho Lampshade // Kith & Kin £63
5. Passiflora Wash Bag // Fanny Shorter £37.50
6. Shop Flower // Tom Murphy £60
7. Splatter Pot // Kristen Saksajuen £18.70
8. Pineapple Planter //Spartan shop $50
9. Flora Chroma Scarf // SWASH London £129
10. Geometric Pyramid Glass // Dingading Terrariums
11. Cactus Pin // Scout Editions £12
12. Bananas Planter // Spartan Shop $65
13. Altered Porcelain Vessel // Studio Joo $84
14. Country Floral Notebook // Wrap £8

Kin Loves – Recreation Centre by Josephine Heilpern

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Josephine Heilpern’s main focus is to create objects that make you think and that have a necessary function. She does this by using simple forms, bold satisfying geometric patterns and unusual textures, for instance; her signature rubber dipped handle and the rough surface texture she finishes her items with.

Josephine grew up in a number of different places – Woodstock where she spent most days riding bareback through the forest, swimming in creeks and making forts with her bestie and bro. Buenos Aires, Argentina – where she learnt how to stick up for herself. Last of all when she was 14 she moved back to NY on her own, and that is where you can find her now. She graduated from Cooper Union in NY and since then had been trying to discover what interests her the most. Realising that it is actually the creation of everyday functional objects, that make living more pleasurable, she started up Recreation Centre.

Everything Josephine creates is vibrant and uplifting, even the still life setups she creates to capture her work are full of energy and colour. All of her pieces are slightly different making each item unique – she doesn’t want her work to become to mechanical and lifeless! There is a huge 80’s Memphis Group revival happening at the moment and once again, her inspiration is drawn largely from the Memphis Group and Ettore Sottsass in particular. (See previous post on Saskia Pomeroy for more Memphis inspired works!)

Here at Kith & Kin HQ we are fully in love with these pieces – surely your morning cuppa drank from any of these vessels would make your day! (Top image)


Kin Loves – Saskia Pomeroy

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Saskia Pomeroy is a London based multi-media artist working in pretty much every medium possible including ceramics, print, painting, sculpture and textiles. Her work is nearly always based around abstract, colourful compositions, with a very strong Memphis Group feel to it. She draws inspiration from a wide range of areas such as nature, ancient art, glyphs and symbols to name a few.

Saskia Graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 2007 and has since worked for a number of different clients both large and small including; Harvey Nichols, Folk Clothing, It’s Nice That, Urban Outfitters and Topman.

Here at Kith & Kin we love Saskia’s abstract sculptures (reminding us of those at the recent Tate exhibition of Alexander Calder), her loosely geometric prints with an almost new age spacey feel to them, and the super minimal, leather laser cut coasters. Each having their own unique feel but with a definite Saskia Pomeroy style.


Kin Curates – Mother’s Day Treats!

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Mother’s Day, one of the most important days of the year, is all about taking time out to show that special lady just how much you care. We know a single present can’t begin to sum up her greatness, but it’s a good start! To help narrow the search we’ve put together a selection of some of our favourite gifts from around the globe…

1. Rorsharch Notebooks // Moonko £11.75
2. Neji Universe Watch // First of August €280
3. Alfie Two // Alfie Douglas £220
4. Bath Salts // Nathalie Bond Organics £18.50
5. Wildflower Cushion // Rosemary Milner £38
6. Khaleesi bracelet // Wool & the Gang £18.75


Kin Loves – London Terrariums

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Now entering the greener spring seasons, we felt the need to share our recent discovery with you – London Terrariums founded by Thomas Murphy and Emma Sibley. London Terrariums create self-contained, self-sustaining eco-systems inside demijohn’s, carbouys, boiling flasks and various other scientific looking glass vessels. The company evolved from the duo’s shared love for botanicals and their passion for learning more about the science behind the miniature eco-systems.

After creating the terrariums at first from home for friends and family, the company quite rapidly grew and they found themselves needing a larger space to work in, thus leading them to a large light filled warehouse studio space south of the river. The duo teach workshops on terrarium building, they also create interior displays for businesses and take custom orders. Alongside all of this, Tom and Emma both work other jobs. You can book on to any of their regular workshops, order yourself a terrarium, or just learn a little more about the company here, where you will most likely get hooked on their enthusiasm for making your indoor spaces greener.




Kin Loves – Llew Mejia

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Llew Mejia is a Minneapolis based illustrator and print designer. We love his bright colours, folklorish reptiles, witches and botanicals. As a child his family traveled between Mexico and the Southwestern United States. Llew draws inspiration from both cultures combining traditional with contemporary. You may recognise Llew’s work from the collaboration he did with Adidas Stan Smith. His work fits right in with the recent universal obsession for botanical prints, although his designs have a slightly darker mythical twist.



Kin Loves – Edelplast

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Here at Kith & Kin we are totally obsessed with the recently graduated Billie Van Niewenhuyzen, who studied at Mad Faculty Hasselt in Belgium where she specialised in jewellery, fashion and sustainable eco design. Billie considers herself as a maker and material developer – reinventing and rethinking waste materials.

In one of her projects – Edelplast – she transforms cable waste in to jewellery by hand weaving, then melting and cutting to create different forms. You can watch a short loop video of she does it here. The melted cables create a kind of marbling effect which makes the pieces seem more precious than they actually are. The project focuses on using the materials from cables which are difficult to recycle on an industrial level. All the copper wire from within is often recycled and easily done, whereas normally the plastic outer is often discarded onto the ever-growing landfill sites. The project focuses on transforming these cables into beautiful, wearable jewellery that resembles nothing of its original form.




Kin Curates – Valentine’s Wish List

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With the big V-Day less than a week away we’re sure your already sorted on the gift front but what if the other half isn’t quite as organised?! Rather than leave them hanging, we’ve curated the perfect wish list that lasts longer than roses and wont break the bank. Now all they have to do is click & collect…

1. Floral Flutter Notebook // Kith & Kin £3.50
2. Bar Ring // Junk Jewels £9
3. Hearts Essential Purse // Caroline Gardner £16
4. Pastel Bracelet // Loela £8
5. Beaded Bracelet // Loela £13
6. Hers Mug // John Lewis £5
7. Little Pink Planter // Natalie Strachan £16
8. Be Mine Valentines Card // Rifle Paper Co $4.05
9. Agent M Travel Pouch // Charles of Lloyd  £10